MCF Energy is hunting massive natural gas exploration targets for European markets. The Company has already established a dominant position in Germany's natural gas exploration sector, and is earning into a significant Austrian project as well:

  • Licenses for four large-scale project areas in Northern and Southern German secured; portfolio drill testing expected to commence in 2H 2023
  • Giant Welchau prospect in Austria, to be spudded before September 2023, where MCF Energy is earning a 20% interest
  • Several other European hydrocarbon prospects under evaluation and regulatory application
The race for high-quality hydrocarbon assets in Europe is on. And MCF has secured two potentially significant assets in Europe’s safest jurisdictions.
Ford NicholsonStrategic Advisor to MCF Energy

100% Owned Genexco Portfolio

Reudnitz gas field structure contour map. Top Rotliegend reservoir.Click to enlarge
  • Acquisition of Genexco GmbH positions MCF Energy as a future leader in natural gas exploration in Germany, with operatorship of its projects, and an expert in-country team
  • 100% ownership of four licences at German natural gas exploration and development projects, including Reudnitz, located 70KM SE of Berlin in a rural area, discovered in 1964 with multi-zone hydrocarbon potential
  • Proprietary database for 10 additional project areas including geological, seismic and well data; significant projects are under application with acquisition consideration tied to their success
  • Drilling planned at Genexco Gas GmbH in 2H 2023, where MCF holds a 20% interest, and the first well is carried up to EUR 5M. Previous drilling at an adjacent site showed commercial gas at current prices

Lech West

Lech West
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  • Concession in Bavaria covering 10 sq km with three previously drilled wells, two discoveries.
  • Reentry of the Kinsau #1 well planned in Q4 of 2023. This well tested at a maximum flow rate of 24 MMCFD in 1983.
  • MCF Energy Ltd. has a 20% interest in an oil and gas exploration license held by Genexco Gas GmbH. MCF's 20% interest in the first well is carried (i.e., does not bear the costs of drilling) up to EUR5,000,000.

Lech East

Lech East
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  • MCF successfully completed the acquisition of a substantial natural gas exploration concession ("Lech East") spanning approximately 100 km² in Southwest Bavaria, Germany, granted by the Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development, and Energy for an initial term of three years. Lech East is adjacent to another 10 km² concession ("Lech West").
  • Modern 3D seismic interpretation, aided by machine learning and AI, has yielded promising prospects, offsetting significant historical gas and oil discoveries.
  • MCF Energy plans a EUR 4.6 million exploration program at Lech East, including well drilling.


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  • Approximately 70 kilometers southeast of Berlin in a rural area, with proven phases: Helium (Approx. 0.2%) and methane (14-20%) associated with high nitrogen content (>80%)
  • Planned development:
    • Pilot production from 2014 well
    • Using cryogenic technology for helium and nitrogen sequestration
    • After the start of pilot modular development of Reudnitz-NE and other field segments
  • Gaffney Cline & Associates ("GCA") has independently assessed the best estimate (P50) of 118.7 Billion cubic feet (BCF) of Methane, and 1.06 BCF of Helium resource. Separately, GCA has 4.4 million barrels of oil in the Zechstein formation.

Welchau Prospect

Welchau prospect mapClick to enlarge
  • Located in the foothills of the Austrian Alps; analogous to large anticline structures discovered in Kurdistan and the Italian Apennines
  • Drilling anticipated before September 2023; MCF Energy will earn a 20% interest for estimated exploration drill costs of EUR 1.91M
  • Up-dip from 1989 gas discovery (Molln-1 well) which intersected a greater than 400m gas column; tested condensate rich, pipeline quality gas
  • Short tie-in distance to the national gas pipeline network of approximately 18 km